Sawframe Knew Concepts Cam-Lever 75mm

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These are the original Knew Concept Saw Frames with Cam Lever tensioning allow for quick tensioning of saw blades. Also called Fret Saws, these lever tension saw frames are designed for rapid, repetitive blade changes. The tension does not change when re-setting the blade. Simply flip the lever forward to release tension, re-position and clamp the blades, and flip the lever to the rear and you are sawing.

Saves tensioning time when going from saw blade to saw blade. Release cam tension when removing broken or worn out blades by moving the cam tension lever down, replace blade and then flick cam tension lever up to perfectly tension new blade. Super Fast Tensioning!

Saw frame flex in the basic jewelers saw frame can contribute to blade breakage. With the advanced design of the Knew Concept Sawframe, saw frame flex is minimized, reducing sawblade breakage and maximizing sawblade life. The Knew Concepts Jewelers Precision Saw Frame is designed for maximum rigidity and comfort.

- Even the smallest detail of the Knew Concept Sawframe has been thought out:

- The blade holders on either end are lever activated for making quick and easy sawblade changes

- The lightweight aluminum frame makes the Knew Concept Sawframe the lightest on the market, an important factor for jewelers who spend a lot of time with a sawframe in hand.

- The frame is made of heat treated aluminum and is designed to eliminate flex while being the lightest sawframe on the market today. Because the rigid frame will not flex, the traditional method of tensioning the frame against your chest to fit new sawblades is not used.

- This Knew Concepts precision sawframe incorporates a unique cam tensioning system that makes mounting the saw blade easy-without the usual dents in your sternum. We also offer the basic screw knob tensioning Knew Concepts precision sawframes.

The Knew Concepts saw frame is sold with detailed instructions for use, as securing and tensioning the sawblade is done differently than conventional saw frames