Presidium - Refractive Index Meter II

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Desktop digital tester that uses refractive index to quickly separate gemstones, diamonds, moissanites and other diamond simulants.

By measuring the quantity of light reflected through the stone, the Presidium Refractive Index Meter II (PRIM II) is able to separate diamonds, moissanites and other colored gemstones via the Refractive Index (R.I) of these polished gemstones.

Unlike a traditional refractometer that has a limited range of R.I measurements and thus cannot be easily used to measure R.I of certain gemstones, the PRIM II is able to measure a wider range of R.I value from 1.000 to ~3.000, therefore covering the commonly known gemstones in the market and can also measure RI of diamonds, moissanites and other diamond simulants such as high zircon, strontium titanite, etc.

In addition, a fast and clean test can be easily done with the PRIM II, without the inconvenience and messiness of R.I liquid used in the traditional refractometer.

The PRIM II also comes bundled with a CD featuring new software that provides a database of more than 50 gemstones with their various properties and possible origins, and a program that enables the user to enter known properties of the gemstone such as color, S.G. value, hardness, etc to ascertain what possible gemstone it is from the database information.

Pinhole-sized light reflectivity measure on wide oval platform

Cover cup with blackout interior to ensure light reflectivity measure is accurate

Instantly displays direct R.I reading on digital index LED display panel

In-built Refractive Chart for referencing diamonds and simulants above R.I reading of 1.8

In-built 8-piece gemstone holder

Pocket-sized Refractive Index Chart pull-out with R.I readings for 55 stones

PRIM II complementary software to help users find out the possible colored gemstone using data on various gemstone properties

Gemstone Dictionary in software with 57 gemstones’ properties (R.I, Color, Hardness, S.G. Value), country of origin and related information

USB port for alternative power source and connectivity

Size: 140 L x 80 W x 33mm High - 140g (without batteries)