Dust Collector: Vaniman Voyager Accumulator Large

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The Accumulator is a Pre-Filter cyclonic device that is designed to collect and protect. It collects dust, precious metals, sandblasting media, zironia, acrylic, and other materials prior to clogging up the filter which results in longer motor and filter life of your dust collector.

Product Features-

- Easily Integrates Into Any Dust Collection System

- Removable Debris Capture Bucket

- Highly Durable Molded Resin Design

- Scientifically Tested and Proven to Separate Dust

- A 3M/Georgia Tech Study

- Up To 97% Cyclonic Separation Rate of Particles Down to .3 Microns

- 95% Effective at Precious Metal Reclamation

- Includes Mounting Bracket

Instructions: https://www.vaniman.com/wp-content/uploads/bsk-pdf-manager/Large_Accumulator_71.pdf

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Connects to the following

2.5″ Vaniman Suction hoses

VMC-1030 Adaptor

VMC-1021 Adaptor

Inlet/Outlet Ports – OD: 2.5 – ID: 2.25

Adaptor Guide

Part Number: VMC-A300

What is the Cyclone Filter Accumulator?

This separate dust cyclone filter increases dust collector motor and filter life by pre-filtering the particles without lowering the suction of the vacuum unit. Our Large Accumulator model comes with a removable bucket which collects the separated dust to be thrown away and reattached as needed.

Works great as a dust separator for the following applications:

Cyclone for Dust Collectors to Extend Filter and Motor Life

Reclamation of Precious Metals – Gold – Titanium – Silver – & More

Zirconia & Dust In Dental Mills

Porcelain, Stone, Gypsum Dust

Cyclone Pre Filter for Abrasive Sandblasting Media

Aluminum Oxide – Glass Beads – Sodium Bicarbonate – & More

Dust Cyclone for Plastics

Cyclone Separator for Food Processing Dust

Cyclone Collector for Metal Shavings & Grindings

Industrial Applications

Shop Applications

Assembled in USA