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Syen Set - EnSet PLUS Pneumatic Controller

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Syen Set - EnSet Plus Pneumatic Controller

Innovative pneumatic power control systems, digitally operated; for engravers, jewellers, stone setters and hobbyists. Its patent pending technology allows users to operate gravers, chisels, hammer tips, beading tools files and others, offering great power and control due to its wide adjustment capacity. Setting stones, hammering or hand engraving is faster and safer using this machine. Suitable for use with many different hardness materials such as copper, silver, gold, steel and titanium.

EnSet© has the capacity to work from a single hit, to an adjustable frequency from 60 to 1500 hits. This feature adds a lot more control to your hand tools when needed without affecting cutting speed or power.

• Specially protected against water or oil contaminations at the desk top unit and hand piece.

• Auto-Purging Bowl with filter

• Zero air use while in stand-by mode

• Quick Change Connectors

• Minimal air demand while working (0,02 li/ min maximum 3 BAR)

• Thin, highly flexible and durable air lines

• Comfortable & Sensitive Foot Control

• Desk top Control Unit with dual port

• Air Pulse via Long Life Metal Diaphragm

• Compact footprint:14.6 x13.3cm

• Multi-voltage Power Adapter

• Weight 5.5Kg

EnSet Plus represents the highest level of evolution in pneumatic engraving systems; Solid, comfortable and sensitive, EnSet©’ s original operation mode allows foot control adjustment of air pulses per minute while cutting. The user gains crucial control in speed and power delivered for every job. It also allows the user to adjust those parameters without need to stop cutting or to look out of the scope.

The desk-top unit operates parameters for pressure and power delivery.

The dual operation mode also enables a different way to operate the machine, where the user adjusts impacts per minute at the front panel while the foot control acts as a pressure regulator, increasing and decreasing impact strength.

EnSet© Plus incorporates important innovations such as zero , minimal use while working (0.02 - 0.03 L/min 3 BAR). Due to its compact footprint, EnSet leaves more space on your workbench.

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