Esca Ring & Finger Gauge Set D-Z+6 Half Sizes

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This elegant boxed set provides a more professional appearance and enhances your customers’ experience by having only one ring at a time to handle. Storing the Ring Gauge with the Finger Gauges in an easily identifiable box will save you the worry of training staff to return it to a specially designated storage space. Features 52 individual seamless plated rings 5mm wide and marked from D to Z+ in half sizes, high density black foam inlay with shaped recesses for both ring and finger gauges; Anodized aluminium Ring Gauge in a satin gold-coloured finish; Ring Gauge has 4 different size markings British D to Z+ in half sizes, Italian sizes 1 to 36, French sizes 41 to 76 and diameter sizing 13 - 24mm.

Box Size: 337 x 150 x 36mm.