Castaldo VLT Silicone Mould Rubber

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This very low temperature silicone rubber is designed for moulding directly from CAD/CAM and Rapid prototyping patterns fast without risk of damage from heat or pressure. VLT rubber vulcanizes at temperatures as low as 71 o C producing highly detailed waxes with an extraordinarily shiny surface requiring less finishing. Create your moulds directly from all types of plastic, resin patterns with only 1.4% shrinkage. Mould your Hand-Carved Master Pattern Waxes in VLT for strong long-lasting production moulds without the risk of mis-casts.

A Standard size mould vulcanizes at:

● 88 o C for 30minutes ● 82 o C for 45 minutes

● 76 o C for 60 minutes ● 71 o C for 90 minutes

Regular strips size: 457 x 73 x 6mm

Box Weight: 2.27kg of rubber per box