Fretz Set-3 H-2 Micro Stake Set

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The Fretz Set #3 is a group of very small mandrels that fit into the H-2 Holder. The various mandrels make it possible to form very tight curves on bezels and other small shapes where the Bezel Stakes do not curve enough. The Micro Mushroom Stakes allow the bezels to be domed if desired. Two H-1 Holders are useful when forming a bezel with more than one stake.

Set Includes:

H-1 Stake Holder and Hardware

H-2 Micro Stake and Mandrel Holder

A-1 thru A-3 Micro Mushroom Stakes as a Set

AT-1,2,3 and 4 Micro Mandrels as a Set

S-2 Wooden Micro Stake Holder for H-2

VB-1 Vise Block with Hardware

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