DIAMOND MASTER - DM-3C - 6 Fancy Square

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It is difficult to use real diamonds each time for studies or presentation as they are expensive. Hence, an alternative option is to use CZ stone which are cheaper but can display same quality as Diamonds. Making it easily available for studies or presentation.

6 Pieces/Classic Fancy Square Shape Cuts/Large size

Features :

· No. of Stones : Individually 6 CZ stones (6x1), properly mounted and labelled

· Details : Arranged in 6 boxes in 1 Row - Classic Fancy shape square

· Square cuts: Showing classic fancy shapes square of diamonds cuts

· Information card - Have inserted informations that explains clearly and in detail about All Classic Fancy shapes square diamonds cuts in large size

· Deluxe black leather case, size - 105mm x 205mm x 45mm