PUK 5 Welder

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PUK 5 Pulse Arc Welder combines reliable German manufacture with superior welding characteristics to provide a precision instrument that can be used in everyday jewellery manufacture and repair.

Simple and intuitive to operate the PUK will allow you to perform tasks well beyond normal soldering.

Weld on accessories, apply metal, attach work pieces prior to soldering, seal pores, generate seams & much more.

Select Pre-Set Mode for Gold ,Silver, Platinum, etc.

Fine tune on the simple Touch Screen.

· Thick or thin material.

· Angular position or fine filigree.

· Apply welding wire.

Tack welding for fast, temporary positioning of components.

The self-retracting electrode makes it possible to make multiple welds in an extremely short time so long seam welds are simplified.

Welding Microscope with integrated eye-protection filter provides for Safe Precise High Quality Repeatable Welds.

Automated shielding gas system applies just enough Argon to keep costs low and clean-up to a minimum.

Fixed handpiece welding stand with hand rests to make positioning your job easy and stress free.

Once you are comfortable with the operation, there is an "Expert Mode" that allows you to further refine your welds by altering the time and power along with the welding curve... repairing the bezel around mother of pearl without removing it or damaging it requires just a little practice and PUK 5!