Swanstrom Link-Forming Pliers & Peg Set (No Jig)

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This pair of Swanstrom link-forming pliers includes a set of 16 pegs that offer great flexibility in shaping different sizes of links for your jewelry designs. The tool combines the wire-shaping power of a jig with the maneuverability of pliers. The anti-glare finish on the pliers prevents eye strain caused by reflective glare and increases visibility of the workpiece. Use these pliers with a ready-made ring or one you’ ve made yourself; this tool cannot be used with cast rings. Place the ring around the pegs, then squeeze the handles to stretch the ring into its new shape.

• These pliers have an adjustable lap joint; the screw allows the joint to be adjusted as needed.

• The coil spring is tempered to hold its hardness and to spring back to its original shape after being compressed.

• The jaw stop allows you to achieve even, repeatable pressure with no over-extension of the tool.

• The Soft-Touch™ sure-grip foam handles are longer, wider and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort over extended periods of use. All Swanstrom tool handles are latex-free.

Swanstrom Tools manufactures technically advanced cutters and pliers, forged from high chromium, high carbon alloy steel and hardened to 65 HRC. This material, along with a unique proprietary heat treating process and computer-controlled induction edge-hardening maximize tool life.

**Please note this item does not include a jig.