Durston Rolling Mill - Stacked D4

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Double Rolling Mill - Double D4. This exceptional rolling mill has two sets of rolls, the top set for flat rolling and the bottom set grooved for square wire rolling. Both sets of rolls also have extension rollers. The top rolls incorporate four half rounds and the bottom rolls an additional three half rounds. The rolling mill is supplied with two turning levers. The first is used for heavy rolling, and this includes a gear reduction of 11-1. The second turning lever can be used for lighter rolling at twice the speed with a gear ratio of 5-1. Lever changeover takes only a few seconds. The top mill features an extra wide flat area of 158mm between two rollers with a diameter of 60 mm, each enabling a maximum roll thickness of 6 millimetres. The bottom mill has a total of 19 square wire grooves allowing wire rolling from 10mm to 1mm. The side extensions enable half round rolling of 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.5mm. Safety features include all gearing being covered with plastic housing. The mill itself is constructed from a single piece of cast iron to maximise rigidity and strength, and all rollers are induction hardened to 240 RC to ensure your rolls lasts a lifetime. This is an exceptional workhorse of a rolling mill and will offer years of service.

Specifications for D4 - 158

Reference: 16-435-000

Gear Ratio Sheet: 11 : 1 (opt 5 : 1)

Roll Size: 158 x 60mm

Width of Sheet: 158mm

Sheet Thickness: 6mm

Gear Ratio Wire: 5 : 1 (opt 2.5 : 1)

Grooves on W/Roll: 3 ‘ D’ 7, 6 & 5mm

Wire Size: 10 - 1mm

No. of wire Grooves: 19

Extension Rollers (Top): 4 ‘ D’ Grooves 4, 3, 2 & 1.5mm

Extension Roller (Bottom): 3 ‘ D’ Grooves 8, 6 & 3.5mm

Dimensions (Without Handle): 420 W x 200 D x 600mm H

Weight: 79kg