Tool Kit - Student/Advanced Starter Kit

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The Student Kit / Advanced Starter kit is the ultimate Jewellers Kit. Customised based on Student Tool lists from all the top Jewellery Educators Australia wide, this kit will have everything you need, It is also serves as an advanced version of our Tool Kit - Jewellery Starter Kit (code:00-519-000). Kit does not include Green Toolbox.

Kit includes:

Emery Paper - Matador Blue Waterproof 400 Grit, Emery Paper - Matador Blue Waterproof 600 Grit, Emery Paper - Matador Blue Waterproof 800 Grit, Emery Paper - Matador Blue Waterproof 1000 Grit, Emery Paper - Matador Blue Waterproof 1200 Grit, Emery Paper - Matador Blue Waterproof 3000 Grit, Buffstick - Emery Flat Grade 3, Hand Brush Brass 4 Row, Hand File - Vallorbe Flat (Pillar) 150Mm Cut 2, Hand File - Vallorbe Half Round 150Mm Cut 2, Needle File - Vallorbe Needle 160Mm (Set Of 6), Burnisher with Wood Handle - Oval Curved, Scriber - Double Ended, Centre Punch - Grobet Automatic, Bezel Pusher, KD Ring Mandrel - Round Marked A - Z+6, Hammer - Goldsmith 19mm Diameter x 90mm, Hammer - Riveting Cross Peen - 80mm, KD Hammer - Chasing - 32mm Head x 66mm, Mallet - DT Nylon Plastic Mallet 22mm Head Fixed, Super Pike - Sawblades - Assorted - Pkt/6 Bundles, Metal Snips - German Straight Blade, Flux - JM Tenacity 4A Paste, KD Plier Kit - Standard 130mm 5pce Blue, KD Plier - Debut Parallel Flat Nose 140mm, Plier - Debut Parallel Flat/Half Round 140mm, Tweezers - AA Stainless Steel Anti-Magnetic, Tweezers - Titanium - 160mm, Titanium Solder Pick with Handle, Tweezers - Straight Insulated Cross Lock Solder, Tweezers - Insulated Cross Lock Solder BENT, Vice Pin Four Mouth with Reversible Collets, Ring Clamp - Double End- Standard Wedge, Vallorbe Blue Plastic File Handle No.4, DT Adjustable Sawframe - 180mm x 100mm, DT Digital Caliper - 150mm, Dividers - German 75mm, Steel Ruler - 15cm, Engineer Square - 50mm, Pocket Loupe Triplet Hex - 10X 20.5mm Chrome, Safety Glasses - All Terrain Clear, Apron - Denim.

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