Tool Kit - Abrasives & Polishing Starter Kit

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Comprehensive kit for anyone purchasing a micromotor or flexible shaft unit. All you need to start !

Consists of:

· 1x Bur/HP Plastic Holder Rectangular

· 1x Moores Disc Sand Medium

· 1x Moores Snap On Mandrel

· 1x Shofu Brownie Wheel Knife

· 1x Shofu Brownie Wheel Square

· 1x Shofu Brownie Bullet

· 1x Shofu Brownie Floppie

· 1x Shofu Greenie Wheel Knife

· 1x Shofu Greenie Wheel Square

· 1x Shofu Greenie Bullet

· 1x Shofu Greenie Floppie

· 1x Hatho Cotton Mounted 22mm

· 1x Hatho Goats Hair Mounted 22mm

· 1x Hatho Felt Laps Mounted 22mm

· 1x Hatho Calico Mounted 22mm

· 1x Light Grey Wheel

· 1x Eve Brownie Barrel

· 1x Dedeco Wheel White

· 1x Dedeco Wheel Black

· 1x Dedeco Wheel Blue

· 1x Dedeco Wheel Pink

· 1x Dedeco Koolie Wheel

· 1x Split Mandrel 4.5mm

· 1x Screw Mandrel Regular

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