Elma Leak Controller 2000

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The Elma Leak Controller 2000 is used for water resistance testing of wristwatches and small clocks by clock manufacturers and watchmakers. The easy operation guarantees, for example, that trainees can make a reliable test after changing the battery and that the professional watchmaker has a reliable and maintenance-free tester for his workshop at the same time.

Check for leaks – no risk involved

Unit for the checking for leaks in wrist watches. The easy operation of the unit guarantees correct testing after exchange of the battery even by apprentices. At the same time, the machine is a reliable and maintenance-free watch testing unit for the professional watchmaker.

Functioning of the unit:

By means of the integrated vacuum pump, the machine creates a difference of pressure between inside and outside of the watch. The measuring gauge is sensitive to any movement of the watch case down to 1/1000 mm and instantly detects any pressure compensation in which case the watch has a leak. If the difference of pressure remains the same, the watch is watertight. The machine has a mechanical design and even allows the testing of low-price watches with easily deformable watch-glasses (no risk of breaking).

Technical Data

Outer dimensions of unit ø/h (mm / inch) 155 / 315 / 6 1/10 x 12 2/5

Weight (kg / lbs) 3.5 / 7.7

Input (W) ca. 60