Orion Laser Welder - LZR100

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Orion laser welders come in three different models. The Orion Benchtop Laser Welder LZR 60, LZR 100, and the LZR 140. Each system will give you the same hardware and software features and benefits. The power is the main difference between the three laser welders. The LZR 60 is a 60 joule laser and it performs best in a lite duty cycle environment. Whereas the LZR 140 is a 140 joule laser and will perform the best in an environment where the system is being used more regularly. Each system will perform the same applications well. However the systems with more power will get the application done quicker and will require less future maintenance such as a flash lamp replacement.

The Orion LZR100 laser welder is a powerful benchtop machine with technological and engineering features that surpass other larger brands & models. This small laser welder runs at a higher duty cycle than it’ s competitors. Also, it does so at a far lower cost and smaller footprint than any other in the market. Most importantly, the professional results are astounding! All of the Orion LZR models use only 55cm W x 61cm D x 46cm H of workspace and weigh less than 46KG. They’ re easy to move and set up, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Perfect for all small laser welding applications.

Specific benefits of the LZR Laser Welders include:

A larger than normal opening in the weld chamber which provides access for larger pieces and allows you to work more freely.

Pulse-shape settings that allow configuration of how the laser functions on different types of metal.

Saving up to 32 customized welding settings. Switch between your most used laser welding settings with the touch of a button.

Superior, high-efficiency components that run cooler, reduce stress on critical-wear parts, and greatly reduced maintenance.

Repeatable control over laser settings to deliver precise welds.

Up to 100 joules of output energy which is perfect for all laser welding applications - particularly on silver.

High-efficiency optics to enable a higher average power output from fewer joules.

User-friendly, touch-screen control.

Proprietary interface design allowing for easier control of settings and welder setting selection.

Advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply that eliminates power spikes to deliver more effective welding and drastically extend the flashlamp life.

Unlike other Laser Welders in the marketplace, the Orion LZR100 requires minimal maintenance and as such there are no associated annual service charges.