Presidium ARI - Handheld Diamond Tester

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ARI is a handheld tester helping users distinguish Natural Diamonds against potential lab grown diamonds such as CVD / HPHT diamonds, and Moissanites (includes the new low conductivity moissanite). In addition, it is capable of testing on both loose stones and all kinds of jewellery. These include open / closed back rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Testing on Colorless diamonds & moissanites from D-J colorCarat size as small as 0.02ct -10ct Instantaneous results within 3 seconds


- Retractable optical fibre tip for UV activation.

- Replaceable tip technology.

- 1.44 inch LCD screen color resistive result.

- Auto-Calibration upon power on for accurate and consistent tests every.

- Anti-slip grip .