RingRescue - Non Destructive Ring Remover

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An essential new tool for jewelery professionals, Ring Rescue allows for easy ring removal as an alternative to cutting. Ring Rescue was designed to be easy to use, safe, and practical for anyone that works front-line in the jewelry industry. Ring Rescue was created in cooperation with doctors, engineers, and retail jewelry partners that frequently manage stuck rings. Most jewelry stores have a ring cutter, some provide ring removal regularly, others are reluctant to cut rings due to the risk. Every jewelry store should have Ring Rescue! Keep your customers happy, and create resizing and upgrading opportunities. Our device is medically proven and top quality. Our brand is the new standard in ring removal.

Ring Rescue is simple. Apply, inflate, and within seconds the device is working, with uniform and measurable air pressure to decrease finger swelling and therefore finger size, so that the ring can be removed. Return minutes later, remove the device, and then apply our unique ring lubricant to the ring before you attempt to remove the ring. The finger will always be smaller and patients and customers are incredibly happy when the problem is solved with this essential tool, and ring cutting can be avoided.

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