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Are you looking for 320 grams weighing capacity to four decimal places in grams? Yes the Mettler-Toledo JS1603C/A analytical balance offers a weighing capacity of 320 grams and increments in 0.1 milligram divisions. That is one 10,000th of a gram at a mind boggling price. Have you seen what a comparable balance will cost you? Ohaus EX324, A&D GH-300, even AND Weighing's low end HR300i which is a stripped down money will cost you more money than the Mettler-Toledo JS1603C/A.

If you noticed the Mettler JS1603C/A looks similar to the Mettler Toledo ML304E Classic ML Analytical Series. The Mettler JS balances are sold to the jewelry marketplace while the Mettler Toledo Classic ML balances are sold to the laboratory marketplace. There are some minor differences between the and we always recommend you download the user manual to understand the product better and if you have any questions give us a call at 978-521-7095 and a product specialist is available to help answer your questions.

If you are a jeweler this Mettler Toledo JS1603C/A is a Legal for Trade Class I digital scale offering 1600 ct with 0.001 carat readability. The « d» (value of scale division) is 0.001 carats or 0.0001 grams and the « e» (value of verification scale division) is 0.01 carats or 0.001 grams. The digital balance meets the requirements as a Class I weighing device as defined by Handbook 44 and complies with the applicable technical requirements of "NIST Handbook 44: Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices". All this information can be reviewed by downloading the Certificate of Conformance # CofC 11-113.

When the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures division tells you need a NTEP Class I balance that has a verification scale division of 0.001 gram the Mettler JS1603C/A meets the requirement. This high degree of accuracy makes the JS1603C/A a good choice for pharmacy compounding applications. You can learn more about verification division (e) and displayed division (d) by downloading NIST Handbook 44 - 2014 Edition here and review Section 2.

Gem stones can you cost you, not only in price, but in profits and reputation if there is disagreement in weight. Jewelers must be extremely precise weighing diamonds and other precious stones since a difference of 1 points (99 points to 100 points) can change the value of a stone by over 30% in some situations. A one carat diamond is the same thing as a 100 point diamond. There are 5 carts to 1 grams. Accurate weighing is a must and this Mettler diamond scale meets the requirements for most precious stone dealers and distributors.

Weighing diamonds is so important and in many states the law requires a NTEP Approved balance like the JS1603C/A. Whether you are simply weighing small loose diamonds or large polished gem stones for a collector or museum you need accurate carat weight. Choosing a Mettler Toledo carat weight balance means choosing the right weighing instrument to benefit both your professional standing and peace of mind.

MettlerToledo JS1603C/A offers a 3.54" diameter stainless steel weighing platform with a large spacious 3 door glass breeze break. This digital balance features motorized internal calibration, backlit LCD display and Mettler's MonoBloc weighing technology. Jewelry manufacturers diamond wholesalers and retail jewelry stores can weigh up to 1600 carats and the balance increments in 0.001 carat divisions. You can change the weigh modes very easy. In grams the JS1603C/A offering a maximum weighing capacity of 320 grams with readability of 0.0001 grams.

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