Regulator - Niche LPG for Little Torch


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Light duty cutting, welding and brazing. Model 5001 compact single stage cylinder pressure regulator for LPG use.Not all regulators work with the Smith Little Torch. This NGP regulator is specially set up for use with jeweller’ s torches like ARTorch and Smith Little Torch.This regulator has a lower outlet pressure range with a wider scale on the gauge to make setting pressures for the little torches simple.Maximum outlet pressure: 1.5 bar (21 psi)


- Maximum inlet pressure of 200 bar

- High pressure capsule type seat

- Forged brass body and bonnet

- Safety gauge kPa / psi dual scale reading (note, contents gauge not required, LPG pressure always reads the same whether full or until empty)

- Long stem for cylinder connection

- Designed and manufactured according to the most recent international standards

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