PUK 5.1 Precision Welder

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Fine welding technology taken to the next level. The new PUK 5.1 masters the welding of accessories, applying metal, fastening work, welding eyelets, sealing pores, generating seams, welding precious metals incl. silver as well as copper and bronze and all alloys suitable for welding, even material thicknesses of less than 0.2 mm. The supreme discipline of creating and repairing claw settings with valuable precious stones in the immediate vicinity of the welding process, the PUK masters with bravura.

What‘ s new?

MICRO WELDING: The application range of the PUK 5.1 is further expanded with material thickness down to less than 0.2 mm allowing the welding of wires and sheets with even greater control.

SMOOTHING : Shorter repetition rates and serial pulses enable a continuous workflow. With this setting, the PUK offers the opportunity to shape the added material as desired and to significantly improve the welding characteristics of highly thermally conductive materials such as silver, copper and bronze.

EXPANDED SELECTION OF METAL : Optimised welding parameters for copper and bronze. The PUK takes over full control despite the high thermal conductivity