Digital Pen Plating Station

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Pen plating system for gold, rhodium, silver, onto any type of material such as steel, aluminum, nickel, copper, brass, platinum!

Impulse power makes it easy to plate difficult solutions such as black or blue rhodium.

· Stable voltage output

· Automatic dual voltage input (115V / 220V)

· Quick connect / disconnect

· System Includes:

Professional plating pen

· Compact 4.5" triangle shaped footprint

· 3 empty plating jars with twist off lids to avoid spills

· 3 double ended X-fine/Bullet Felt Tips

· Digitally adjustable 1.2 - 17.3 Volt (+/- .1)

· Alligator clip

· Switching power supply, ships with standard US plug

· UL, CE, and RoHS compliant

· Replacement pen available