Orion 100c Pulse Arc Welding Sys w/ Mscope & Arm

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The Orion 100c offers up to 100 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. The energy can be adjusted down to as little as 3 joules, and can be adjusted upwards by 0.5 joule increments. The Orion 100c contains two different weld modes: Pulse Arc Mode and Micro Mode. Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion 100c has the flexibility to weld with power and precision.

Display (Touch Screen): 5» Full

Languages: 20+

Welder (L x W x H): 27.305 x 15.24 x 16.51cm

Basic Screen Metal Presets: 11

Save Settings Spaces: 30

CE Certificate: Yes

USB Upgradable Software: Yes


Energy (min-max in Joules): 3 - 100

Length (min-max): Preset

Weld Spot Diameter Range: ≈ 0.75 - 2.5mm

Single Fire Mode: 1 weld/0.7 seconds

Rapid Fire Mode: No

Seam Mode: No

High Frequency Agitation: Basic

Adaptive Weld Ignition: No

Arc Start Technology: Yes


Energy (min-max in Joules): 5 - 100

Peak Current (max in Amps): 1,000

Quick Power Settings: None

Microscope Specifications:

Magnification: 5x

UV Protection: > UV 16

IR Protection: > IR 16