Orion 200i2 - Pulse Arc Weld System w/ Microscope

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The Orion 200i 2 is packed with new features that will simplify the welding needs of any jeweller, goldsmith, or silversmith.

Innovative new features include - the new Pico weld mode for intricate welds as small as 0.01 Joules of energy, to achieve truly microscopic weld joints; user selectable up to 200 joules of energy for large silver or platinum pieces; a large 10" touch screen interface with one-touch access to all welding parameters; the ultimate space saving design; and 3 unique pulse shape wave form options to choose from: Classic Orion (for Orion users that have come to love welds produced by the Orion 150i), Triangle (for weld smoothing), and Square (laser like welding). And introducing the new Seam mode - a revolutionary breakthrough in micro pulse arc welding. Seam mode allows users to mimic laser welding with weld speeds up to 30 welds/ sec. Keeping in the Orion tradition of excellent customer service, training, and support we have added on-screen resources, which include video tutorials and a detailed product user manual.

The patent pending Orion 200i 2 gives you the precision and speed of a laser with the versatility, power, and ease of a pulse arc welder.

Display (Touch Screen): 10» Full

Languages: 20+

Welder (L x W x H): 12.45 x 12.5 x 68.58cm

Basic Screen Metal Presets: 11

Save Settings Spaces: 1000

CE Certificate: Yes

USB Upgradable Software: Yes


Energy (min-max in Joules): 0.01 - 200

Length (min-max): 0.1 - 100ms

Weld Spot Diameter Range: ≈ 0.1 - 4.5mm

Single Fire Mode: 1 weld/0.5 seconds

Rapid Fire Mode: 1 - 5 welds/sec

Seam Mode: 1 - 30 welds/sec (33Hz)

High Frequency Agitation: Yes/Multiple

Adaptive Weld Ignition: Yes

Arc Start Technology: Yes


Energy (min-max in Joules): 5 - 200

Peak Current (max in Amps): 4,000

Quick Power Settings: 3

Microscope Specifications:

Magnification: 5x

UV Protection: > UV 16

IR Protection: > IR 16