Durston Rolling Mill - Stacked - D4 158

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The D4-158 has been developed in response to customer requests from several countries. These requests have shown a need for a mill to work with wider sheets up to 150mm and further need for more size variety in 'D' shapes. As with the D2 hand mill, there are 2 sets of rolls with the sheet rolls extended for 4 'D' shapes and the wire rolls extended for 3 'D' shapes. There are a further 3 'D' shapes on the main wire rolls.

The same high quality specification on the bearings and roll steel as the rest of the Durston range and, of course, incorporating the high quality hardened helical gearing for long life and smooth operation.

An easy to read calibrated disc is provided for sheet rolls showing the roll gap in inches and millimetres in increments of 0.001 inches and 0.025mm. One turn on the centre hand wheel changes the roll gap by 0.05 inches or 1.250mm. Fine pitch threads and gear tooth form allows for easy roll adjustment.

A triple stage reduction is used for easy rolling and minimum effort. This feature is also useful for rapid reduction of rod and cast bar to the required size. Also available for the D4-158 is a second handle which reduces the gearing ratio by half, thus making the rolls turn quicker. The changeover time from one handle to another is approx. 1min.

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Specifications for D4 - 158

Reference: 16-435-000

Gear Ratio Sheet: 11 : 1 (opt 5 : 1)

Roll Size: 158 x 60mm

Width of Sheet: 158mm

Sheet Thickness: 6mm

Gear Ratio Wire: 5 : 1 (opt 2.5 : 1)

Grooves on W/Roll: 3 ‘ D’ 7, 6 & 5mm

Wire Size: 10 - 1mm

No. of wire Grooves: 19

Extension Rollers (Top): 4 ‘ D’ Grooves 4, 3, 2 & 1.5mm

Extension Roller (Bottom): 3 ‘ D’ Grooves 8, 6 & 3.5mm

Dimensions (Without Handle): 420 W x 200 D x 600mm H

Weight: 79kg