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Australian Jewellers Supplies

160 Years in the making

Australian Jewellers Supplies services the Jewellery Trade’s Retailers, Watchmakers, Gemmologists, Manufacturers, Repairers, Students, Apprentices and Hobbyists and allied industries.

Australian Jewellers Supplies’ (AJS) heritage can be traced back to a number of companies from around Australia including Burmeister & Co (established in Victoria in 1857), S.H Levy (New South Wales circa 1950), Hall-tec Distributors (Queensland 1972), House of Jewellery (New South Wales 1977), O&L Craddock (Victoria 1978), Jewellers Support Systems (Queensland 1987) and Purnell Agencies (Western Australia 2007).

In the mid-1980s after our Government floated the Aussie Dollar and Australia’s small economy strove to find its place within the global community, a buying partnership, incorporating many of the aforementioned companies (or their successors), was established to provide sufficient volume to maintain local supply of products from around the globe at competitive prices.

Over time many of these smaller organisations consolidated within the one company.  AJS strengthened their purchasing power enabling the company to deliver a wide range of hand-picked products to meet the specific needs of the various market segments it caters to. It also led to a consistently high standard of service and advice to customers to ensure the right tools were chosen for the job.

Now that the internet offers shoppers access to the global market, we understand that it’s more critical than ever to offer Australian buyers the opportunity to buy at a competitive price and to buy the latest and most efficient tools and supplies locally, at globally competitive prices. 

Given the very small stature of our industry and subsequent small consumption, this can be a very difficult and time consuming task for individual manufacturing/repair companies. However with the ongoing consolidation of smaller suppliers, into one streamlined nation-wide distribution and supply chain, the task becomes more easily achieved.

AJS now provides fully equipped showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Our range now exceeds 12,000 products.